A group of friends that love Tarrant and want to see our small town thrive. We are made up of residents, former residents, pastors, business owners, and community leaders. Our goal is to provide support and economic development with minimal burden to our local government.




Our goal for 2020
If you need more details about our community initiative please visit each page. Joe's Coffee House and Tarrant Moving Forward are a part of our 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.
Beginning 2020 this can be your source for all things Tarrant, Alabama

Goodbye Food Giant,
Hello City Hall!

Early December marked the end of the Food Giant located on the corner of Eastlake Blvd and Jackson Blvd. According to Mayor Tuck and the Tarrant City Council the new Tarrant City Hall will be completed later this year. The projected completion is in October but they are hoping to be ready by August.

2020 Census Jobs, Now Hiring!

The 2020 Census is your chance to play a part in history! Temporary census positions offer the perfect opportunity to earn extra money while helping your community. With just one job application, you may be considered for one, some, or all of the 2020 Census positions. Bilingual applicants are needed and are encouraged to apply.

Click here for more details.

What's happening in Tarrant?

If you have news stories, tips, or activities happening in your neighborhood please let us know. You can remain annonamous or you can get full credit for the information. Just fill out the form below. However if we cannot confirm the story we will be unable to report it.

Here are some things that we hope
to bring to you this year.

  • Spotlight Tarrant Based Businesses
  • Meet the Tarrant City Council
  • Get to know Tarrant City Staff
  • Tarrant Person of the Month
  • News from Tarrant City Schools
  • Highlights from Tarrant Churches
  • Tarrant 2020 Local Election
  • Chamber of Commerce News
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