A group of friends that love Tarrant and want to see our small town thrive. We are made up of residents, former residents, pastors, business owners, and community leaders. Our goal is to provide support and economic development with minimal burden to our local government.




What's Next?

What is taking so long?
2018 we began the Joe's Coffee House Community Initiative. It was our goal to raise the money to restore the historic Tarrant Coffee Shop.
2019 our community initiative became Tarrant Moving Forward and we inlcuded other community work to our mission.
2020 is the year of change and reflection. We will never give up on our goal to open the coffee house. Maybe this is the year.

The Historic Building

In 2018, the building was registered with the Jefferson County Historical Commission and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Tarrant. The former Tarrant Coffee Shop building is more than a hundred years old. How Old? We really don't know. The coffee house opened in 1920. The two story house that is attached to the coffee house is even older.

Plans for Joe's Coffee House

We now have complete construction plans for restoration of the old Tarrant Coffee Shop and the new Joe's Coffee House. All we need is money. Sounds simple...Not so much. In order to do it right we need to raise $300,000. Why so much? Restoring the building is much more costly than simply patching a roof and replacing a few windows.

What is taking so long?

The first step is to create a working construction budget and attempt to raise the money to get started. It is our desire not to incur large amounts of debt in order to open the coffee house. We have started working on the place but we have a long way to go.

The next step was to begin selling coffee. We have officially found our coffee supplier and are ready to go as soon as the building is ready.

What's Next?

2020 May just be our year...We have spent the last couple of years working within our community and are extremely grateful to be able to assist. In 2018 & 2019 we were able to help fund several great events. In 2020 our focus will return to construction and opening the coffee house.

We are currently raising money to replace the roof, electrical service, windows, and some exterior work.